Custom Metal Stamping Services

Wuxi Lead offers premium metal stamping services, leveraging the expertise of our skilled toolmakers and our commitment to quality. We specialize in producing parts that consistently meet our clients’ standards. Utilizing progressive and secondary tooling, we can manufacture both small and large parts, ensuring quick turnarounds for prototypes and production runs.


Materials: We work with a variety of materials including Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, and Low Carbon Steel.

Press Range: Our press range is versatile, spanning from 20 to 200 tons.

Thickness: We handle material thickness from 0.25mm to 6mm with a tolerance of 0.1mm.

Inspection: Quality is assured through 1st Piece Inspection, In-Process, and Final Inspection.

Production Volume: We cater to all production volumes, from single-piece prototypes to tens-of-millions of pieces per year.

Industry Focus: Our services extend across various industries such as Agriculture, Truck, Automotive, Electronics, Medical, Furniture, Hardware, Machinery, and more.

Additional Services: Beyond metal stamping, we offer CNC Machining, CNC Turning, Sheet Metal services, and various finishes and materials.

Please CONTACT US today to discuss how we can assist with your metal stamping project.