If you are looking for a proficient and cost-effective source for machining brass parts, Wuxi Lead Precision Machinery is well-equipped to get the job done right.

What are the Properties of Brass?

Brass is an alloy primarily composed of copper and zinc. When it consists solely of copper and zinc, it is referred to as ordinary brass. However, when composed of additional elements, it is known as special brass.

What are the Main Applications of Brass?

Brass is versatile and finds extensive use in various applications. It can be utilized to manufacture water tanks, drainage pipes, medals, bellows, snake tubes, condensers, shells, and a variety of complex red products in different shapes.

Wuxi Lead Precision Machinery employs a multitude of processes to manufacture brass parts, including machiningmillingturning, drilling, laser cutting, EDM,stampingsheet metal, casting, forging, and more.

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